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CONNECT dictionary definition is "bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established". The mission of Connect In Breath is to expand the capacity of the individual to cultivate this within themselves, their surrounding community and their environment.  


How: thru inter active experiences like yoga, meditation, outdoor adventures, gardening, mindfulness exercises and so much more 




Now some of you might read this and think, cheese corn! Life is not all sunshine, unicorns and rainbows! Agreed. Love is far more challenging than that. Shutting down and abiding by anger or fear is much easier than meeting an adversary with a hug. Opening the door of our hearts or even finding the key to turn the lock takes a power from within larger than any force outside our self.


Have you ever looked in the mirror, directly into your own eyes and said, “I love you"?! The first time I tried, I couldn’t even get the words out. Then of course, I cried. Woah! This blew me away. Realizing the armor we carry around, even shielding ourselves from our own self. Not to mention what we are sealing off and in from others.


Whether we realize it or not love is at the root of who we are. In the most subtle and unconscious ways we base our decisions, actions, words, life styles on it. Sometimes its in opposition, but never the less, present. Consider what fuels you. Career, relationships, hobbies, passions….. deep down what is that motivation? Let’s say for example you dislike your job, there has to be some reason you remain. My guess, if looked closely enough, peeled back the many layers, you would find love somewhere in the mist.


When we slow down and breathe or let go and play, we give ourselves the space to find these roots. Roots that build connection.


And besides, why not? Maybe if I share what I love, will help you share what you love, and the ripple may just continue... 

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